Why Is Charles I A Tyrant

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Trial of the King Our king, Charles I, is put on trial in front of the whole country because as Charles’s subjects, we do not agree with him on a lot of things. We do not think that our country will go any better if he keeps ruling. We claimed him as a tyrant, a religious traitor, and our public enemy. Charles was a tyrant. Charles was an advocate of the Divine Right of Kings and as his subjects; we feared that he was attempting to gain absolute power. He totally ignored the Magna Carta and showed no respect on ruling lawfully. Charles invaded the House of Common and tried to murder the leader of H.O.C. He also forced people to pay money only for his own needs. Why do we need a king that’s so selfish and disrespectful to rule our country? Religious conflicts permeated Charles’s reign. He married a Catholic princess over the objection of our parliament and public opinion. He also allied himself with controversial religious figures like Duke of Buckingham and Archbishop Laud. As his subjects, we think that this brought our Church of England too close to Roman Catholic. Later, he attempted to force religious reform upon Scotland and that weakened England’s government and helped precipitate his downfall.…show more content…
He raised taxes like ship money, which people had to pay money to the king to provide warships fro the navy. He found many unreasonable ways to raise money; he billeted his soldiers with homeowners, increased fees for government services and sold noble titles to anyone who would support him and loan him money. He causes many people to starve and lost their homes. He used all the money on his own needs, he never care about his subject. So why should we care about him? He forced people to join the army, not well paid, and cheap equipped. He separated our family and because his selfish, we lost some of our closes friends and family members. Who should we
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