The Spread Of Christianity In Ancient Rome

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Spread of Christianity Jesus Christ was born in 4 CE, under the Roman rule of Augustus. Jesus is the founder of Christianity. Christianity is a religion that stresses doing good deeds for others as well as establishing qualities for ones self. They are qualities such as compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Christianity also has one expectation for all who practice it and it is to be able to forgive and forget. Jesus traveled all over Ancient Rome spreading and teaching the Christian life. He performed miracles that nobody had ever seen or even heard. For example, he cured a man of blindness, and a man with leprosy. The Roman high officials saw Jesus and his Christian followers as a major threat to the Empire, even though Jesus probably had no intention of becoming a zealot, or political rebel. A high governor and judge, Pontius Pilate, had Jesus arrested and crucified. Pilate accused Jesus of treason, because Roman Emperors were supposed to be thought of…show more content…
It gave a sense of community and fellowship to the people. The Patricians and high officials of Rome disagreed with the new religion Christ and his followers were trying to convert everyone to. They thought this because it was sweeping away almost everything the Romans had previously believed in. This would be a dramatic change. The impact of this conversion to Christianity would finally take its toll on Rome in 312 CE when Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which made Christianity legal. After the Edict, Roman high officials couldn’t falsely accuse the Christians and make them a scapegoat for any situations. In 380 CE, the journey of converting the Roman Empire to Christianity was finally achieved when Emperor Theodosius made all other religions illegal in the Empire. Today Christianity is the most practiced religion in the world, and it all started in Ancient Rome with Jesus and his

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