The Declaration of Independence Analytical Essay

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The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776, and was the document colonists used to declare their independence from England. The introduction of the Declaration explains the intent of the colonists to become independent. The body of the Declaration lists the grievances and explains the reasons why the colonist wanted to become independent. The conclusion had all the signers (ones who agreed with this) and the pledges of the Declaration. The Declaration of Independence persuaded other colonist to separate from England, to stand against the King, and to fight for independence. The reasons colonist wanted to revolt against England were mostly because of the King and how selfish and unfair he was. Colonist believed all men were created equal, so therefore when the King put himself above everyone else, it displeased the colonist. In the Declaration of Independence it states “He has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.” Colonist used the selfish things the King did to persuade others to revolt. The King tried to force men to give up their rights to make laws. The King also called men together to make laws in the most inconvenient times and places, so they won't be able to go discuss the new laws. He made them pay all kinds of taxes without asking them about it. The declaration was the way colonist expressed that they wanted to be free from the King and of England. Some of the laws the king made were unfair and unconventional. Like when he called men together at inconvenient times. When he made them quarter soldiers without the consent of the people it also displeased them. This made colonist revolt against the king. They decided that they wanted to leave and be free and so they took a chance and did it. So in conclusion the colonists were very persuasive when writing to Declaration of Independence. They got their
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