Why Was There a Civil War Between Parliament and Charles I

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Why was there a Civil War Between King Charles I and Parliament The English civil war made a big change to the countries history. It was Charles I VS Parliament. Charles was happy with his rules but parliament weren’t. So his parliament turned against him and started the civil war. Who, what when why that’s what we want to know. Why was there a civil war...? Well it’s all to do with money religion and power. Religion: Charles and his England were Protestants. He married a Catholic woman named Henrietta Maria and made people suspicious. This is because he probably wanted the country converted to Catholics. What Charles later did is he got Archbishop Laud to decorate the churches to make them look “more catholic”. This made people angry because people were happy with being protestant so there’s one reason for a war. But that’s not the only reason religion caused the civil war, King Charles believed in the divine right. It was when the king/queen believes that god put them on the throne. So Charles took all the power because of this and Parliament didn’t want to go with his decision which contributes to the civil war. Also he made Scottish churches uses English prayer books which caused riots and England went to battle with Scotland. England lost. Money is another reason Charles I was having problems with Parliament. On the coast people had to pay something called ship taxes for the country to build ships etc for war. But Charles was short for money. He introduced this tax to the whole country and misused it by not using it for ship money. So people had to pay money to Charles when they barley had money for themselves. This caused argument because people in parliament didn’t pay and the case was taken to court but Charles’s tax was ruled legal. The most obvious reason for the civil war is power. Divine right also comes in to power. So he took up all the power not
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