Martin Luther's Influence On New England

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Martin Luther's teachings became the dominant credo of the New England Puritans. He influenced many people, one of which was John Calvin of Geneva. The elect are people who in Calvinism believe that they are destined for eternal bliss. This idea is part of a bigger scheme called predestination, which is believed that people have already been determined to go to heaven or hell. Conversion is the receipt of God's free gift of saving grace. Protestants were constantly seeking signs to see if they were part of the elect, thus being apart of god and heaven. Puritans came from depressed areas such as the woolen district because this religion open the door to a way out and into heaven without having to pay the religious officials for a…show more content…
Sir Edmond Andros was an English military man who openly affiliated himself with the Church of England. The people of New England despised him because along with being a part of the Church of England, he had his men teach the people ti drink, blaspheme, curse, and damn. He changed everything cherished by New England by intentionally interrupting cherished town meetings, restricting the court, the press, schools, and revoking all land titles. 28. The Glorious Revolution was the dethroning of the unpopular Catholic James II and enthroning Protestant rulers William III and Mary. When the people of New England heard of this, they rose against their royal leaders and tried to get a sense of equality in their colonies. 29. The result of the rebellion in New England was upsetting in that royal governors did eventually restore semblance and order lead by the mother country. There was even more administrative control in the colonies due to Charles II's appointed English officials which hired their friends of whom knew little and did not care about American affairs. 30. By the 1600s, the Dutch had a vast and powerful trading empire shown in two large ways. One being the fact that they were able to settle outposts in Africa and Brazil which were principe centers of activity in the New World. Another being that the Dutch bought and maintained profitable enterprises in the

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