King Charles Relationship

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At the start of king Charles reign things were already looking odd for him because the things he chose to do where completely against parliaments plans. Parliament had to know what the king was doing before he did it but because he never told them what was happening. Parliament and Charles friendship was crumbling gradually. In 1625 Charles married Henrietta Maria, the fifteen year old daughter of Henri IV of France who was a catholic she had her own chapel and priest. Puritans and protestants started to put up posters against the church and the king in 1637 archbishop laud put the people making the posters in trial and those found guilty were severely punished . People thought Charles was going to change the country back to catholic…show more content…
Parliament didn't like Charles main advisor Buckingham and they tried to punish him but failed so Charles got angry and sent 2 MPs to prison. In 1629 Charles closed down parliament and decided to reign without them this meant even more problems were coming his way. Parliament had only given Charles custom duties for one year and he needed more money after that year so he decided to collect a tax called ship money . Ship money was only to be collected in the time of war and by the coast of the country but there was no war going on and the navy didn't need to be changed but still he collected the ship money for no reason and also started collecting ship money from the land that wasn't in the cost. Because he did this without parliaments approval parliament got angry. In the beginning the people used to pay at least 97.6% of ship money but by the time it was 1639 no one really cared and only 20% paid. A man called John Hampden stood up to the king and refused to pay ship money, Hampden was put on a trial and found guilty. But everyone else thought he was a hero. In 1637 the Scottish were told by Charles they had to use a new prayer book for their church but the Scottish didn't want to and got angry so they decided to rebel against him. ( IM ONLY IN YEAR 8 BTW
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