Enlightenment Agenda: George Washington Point of View

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Enlightenment Agenda: George Washington Point of View The English Civil War was caused majorly by religion and Parliament’s wish to have more power over the monarch. It was a conflict between Charles I supporters, the Royalists or Cavaliers, and Roundheads, also known as the Parliamentarians, who were worried that Catholicism in any form would appear in the government. Another factor that lead to the English Civil War was the reigning king Charles I lack of money. Charles I lack of money and his lack of interest in Parliament when making laws angered the people. The result of the war led to King Charles I being beheaded. After his execution, England became a Republic called the Commonwealth of England and a committee of Parliaments ruled the country. I believe this civil war could have been avoided if Charles had ruled with a wish of making England diverse and multicultural so that the people had religious tolerance as I did with the United States(Tsakiridis). The Glorious Revolution soon came years after the civil war of the English. The Glorious Revolution was to overthrow King James II of England by a union of the English Parliamentarians and with William of Orange in the Netherlands. The Glorious Revolution recreates the monarchy England had lost in the reign of Oliver Cromwell but limits its power under the Constitutional Monarchy. The House of Commons became equal to and gaining more power than the House of Lords. After much intolerance over religion, the Parliament issues with the long succession of kings, and the people’s wishes being denied more often than not, I believe that England should be ruled as a democracy where people are able to elect leaders, try to keep a stable throne and ensure reforms that will help the people. My past experiences and views of how a government should be and its ruler has helped me come to this decision. I believe a
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