American And French Revolution Compare & Contrast

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nch RAmerican and French Revolution Two revolutions sparked change in the late 1700’s. The first is the American Revolution, and then came the French revolution. When considering the American and French revolutions little is in common between them, other than both being started for liberty. The difference such as the causes of each revolution. The methods used by the Americans and the French and the outcome of both revolutions are vast and for more significant. The American Revolution was fought against Britain for independence and liberty of the American colonist. The French revolution was also fought for liberty. However, it was not for liberty from another country it was for equal treatment of the estate. The revolution forced by the Bourgeoisie was for the third estate as well the first two estates to be treated equally. The causes of the two revolutions were very different. The Americans wanted to be out from under the British control. The reason for this is because ever though the Americans and still be considered British colonist, through passing generation the emotional connection to the mother land has been lost. The colonist of America to their self no bigger believed they were or wanted to be British citizens so the Americans dragged Britain in 1775 by starting the revolution and the creating their own government in 1776. The French revolution on the other hand was start by a group out of the third estate made of merchants, artisans and professional known as the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie brake out in revolution due to tour major events: desire for a wider political role, the wish for -restraints on the power of clergy, monarchy and aristocracy, population growth and the Poor harvest of 1787-1788. The methods taken by the Americans and the French to achieve revolution were just as different as the causes of each revolution. On the American
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