American Revolution Dbq

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The American Revolution did not satisfy the colonial goals for civil, political, social, and economic rights; however the Constitution did. All the American Revolution did was drive the British out of America. With the British gone the Americans had the ability to strive for civil, political, social, and economic rights, but the Articles of Confederation became an obstacle in their path to their rightful goals. During the American Revolution the American people wrote a lot about what they wanted to accomplish and attain. In Document A, the Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking Up Arms, it is written that the American people feel they have been wronged by England because their rights are restricted and wish for these basic rights to happiness and such. With Document B, Thomas Paine writes in Common Sense that to obtain these rights the Americans so desire they must go to war with Britain first to drive Britain out of America so they can have the capacity to make their laws and rights just how they would like. In the words of Thomas Paine, “tis time to part.” In Document E, a letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, Abigail asked that when making decisions that the political representatives took women into account. She also warned against letting males’ natural tyrannical nature get the best of them in their decision making. Once the Americans got rid of the British, they could move forward and give people their rights. This would not have been possible without the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence, also Document H, let Britain know that the Americans were serious about their independence and this led to their eventual victory over Britain. After the war ended they had to set up a new government system, so they wrote the Articles of Confederation, Document I. All the Articles of Confederation did was set up a system to fail
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