American Revolution Dbq

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Duggan 1 Paul Duggan APUSH-3 10-20-10 American Revolution DBQ During the period from 1775 to 1800, American’s views toward Britain began to change. British policies between 1763 and 1776 intensified the colonial’s resistance to Britain and commitment to their new Enlightenment ideals. The policies involved many taxes which the colonists’ resisted due to their belief that such taxes without representation abused their rights. Americans began to look for political, economic, and social freedoms that Britain continued to deny them. They felt that the king was abusing his power as a monarch and therefore their rebellion was for a just cause of declaring the independence they wanted. The American Revolution created a new politically independent nation that could make its own decisions and was free of economic limiting statutes. The Revolution called for social change, but little change was initiated during this period. These political, social, and economic ideals helped design the framework of our democratic nation. Socially, the American Revolution only slightly changed America. The Enlightenment led to the questioning of British monarchial rule and the belief that the power of the government should come from the people The British government completely imposed on these ideals so Americans decided to rid themselves of British rule and establish their own rule based on democratic ideals by issuing the Declaration of Independence. It stated that “all” men are created equal. However, these beliefs were slow to be initiated and changes were not seen for several decades. Women were traditionally seen as the caretakers of the house and the family. But the American Revolution allowed for women to challenge their traditional roles thought the introduction of new democratic ideals and the fact that men were off fighting leaving women to complete task normally reserved
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