Dbq American Revolution

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DBQ American Revolution At the eve of the revolution it was evident that the colonists had developed a sense of urgency for their own identity and unity as Americans due to the constant political, economic, and social interference from Britain forcing them to break apart. Parliament began making laws that the colonists did not agree with. In order for the colonists to live how they wanted, they had to make changes; they had to break away from their “Mother Country”. As a result, the colonists began to slowly build their own identity. As identity grew away from British customs, unity among the colonists was beginning to increase as well. This shows how far the colonists have progressed from when the first colony was founded in Jamestown many years before this. Knowing the dangers of traveling to the American colonies, many Englishmen still came for a fresh start. It was a great opportunity for a second chance at life. However, as the colonies progressed and became more and more successful, they began to form their own identity. They grew stronger as a group, and reaped the benefits of being a British citizen at the same time. As identity was growing, unity seemed to follow proportionally. As time rolled on into the 1760’s, Britain began to impose many economic restrictions on the colonies. There were multiple reasons for these new rules of the British. At first they had the excuse of falling into debt after the French and Indian War. This led to much more strict laws over the colonists’ commerce. The British had laws in place preventing the colonists from smuggling goods, and trading with other countries. At first, the British practiced “Salutary Neglect”. Salutary neglect was an undocumented, though long-standing, British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws, meant to keep the American colonies obedient to Great Britain. After the
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