Was The American Revolution Really Revolutionary

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Was the American Revolution really “revolutionary” Revolutions start off as rebellions. People seek change in political, economic, social aspects of their governing bodies. The American Revolution was no different. Colonists united because they felt they were not treated fairly and seeked immediate change. The revolution changed the colonies government from monarch to a republic. Each colony became a state and natural rights ideas became central to the government, system of law by people. The American Revolution was no different than any other revolution in history and that it accomplished what the founding fathers wanted to accomplish and that is by securing the rights of citizens. The end of the French and Indian war would bring a turning point to the relationship of the colonies and Britain. Britain’s policy of salutary neglect would be discontinued and the would bring about tighter control on the colonies. Conflict started as the Proclamation of 1763 was implemented, which forbade the colonists from expanding west. This angered the colonist which felt that they had won the land and it was entitled to them Great Britain already regulated the economies of the colonies through the navigation acts and the mercantilism policies. Conflict escalated between Britain and American on who should pay off the 7-year war. British stated they fought to preserve the colonies therefore colonies should repay the favor. British started to tax them and Americans believed parliament could not represent them. England implemented the “virtual” representation of colonies by parliament. It became like Howard Zinn says, “the American leadership was less in need of English rule, the English more in need of the colonist’s wealth. (60) Many Acts were implemented to the colonies but the most significant was the Stamp Act. The Stamp act was taxing the colonies to pay for the
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