Who Was Cromwell: A Harsh Dictator Or A Fair Ruler?

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Was Cromwell A Harsh Dictator Or A Fair Ruler? Oliver Cromwell ruled England at this time and it wasn’t easy, he upset Ireland and made his soldiers get rid of parliament by saying you have sat here too long for the good you do in the name of God go. Oliver Cromwell led the group the republicans and they believed that parliament should rule and the king should at least share the power with parliament and if not he should go but he and the republicans thought that the people in parliament were not fit to rule in parliament. The king had died at this point and people thought it was time for an election, people thought Charles 1’s son should rule but other people had different ideas. Mp’s started quarrelling about religious questions such as should baptism happen to children or adults these things started to really annoy Cromwell with these quarrels. So Cromwell was now fed up and he was sick and tired of all these quarrels in parliament so he closed down parliament saying you have sat here too long for the good you do in the name of God go he took the title of the protector and ruled until death in 1658 the army generals had won. Cromwell was now in charge. When Cromwell closed down parliament he gained…show more content…
Oliver Cromwell did a lot of bad things their which really upset the Irish he done things like, transport Irish Catholics (12,000) to the west indies, he closed Irish schools gave the Irish peoples land to English soldiers which made them really happy as the puritans gained lots more land but the Irish lost land, he had killed soldiers who surrender in battle which is a crime this shows Cromwell’s dark side and finally he allowed Irish women and children to be murdered. Puritans (soldiers) like this as they gained land but the Irish Catholics and some soldiers were not happy as the soldiers when surrender were killed and Irish Catholics were transported
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