How Important Was the Duke of Buckingham to the Breakdown in Relations Between Crown and Parliament in the Years of 1625-1629?

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How important was the Duke of Buckingham to the breakdown in relations between Crown and Parliament in the years of 1625-1629? Charles’ main advisor and partner in foreign policy was the Duke of Buckingham. Due to Buckingham being a wicked advisor led Charles to a disastrous foreign policy. This propelled him into confrontation with parliament. Buckingham had too much influence with the King; this meant he was seen as one of the main causes to the break down in parliament. James wanted money from the Parliament in 1625 because of the war with Spain. Parliament decided to grant a tonnage and poundage as the monarch’s main source of Revenue. Opposition MPs discussed Parliament choosing the Kings ministers for him and also the impeachment of those who gained undue influence over him; this was especially aimed at Buckingham. A breakdown in parliament then occurred because Charles realized the parliamentary attack on Buckingham was increasing so in 1625 dissolved his first Parliament in order to protect his close companion. The close relationship of Charles and The Duke of Buckingham enabled Buckingham to have security and potential access to more than Charles realised. The Cadiz Expedition is a prime example of Buckingham failures. Both Charles and Buckingham decided to attack one of Spain’s main ports to destroy as many of the Spanish fleet as possible. (Troops were raised but mostly untrained). They got to Cadiz but found a huge wine store, drunkenness and poor discipline. The fleet was forced to return back to England but Buckingham insisted to wait to see if they could make an attack on the Spanish fleet. This was a huge failure and because of Buckingham’s decision they did not have enough food to make it back and most died before they got home. Fierce criticism of Buckingham's failed decision in the Cadiz expedition was heard in Parliament. The House of
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