To What Extent Was There Conflict Amid the Crown and Parliament Between 1625 and 1665?

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The Stuarts The period of time between 1625 and 1665 was one which was ruled by monarchs of the House of Stuart. The House of Stuart (also known as Stewart) was founded by Robert II and began in Scotland in the late 14th century. The dynasty would later inherit further land and territories when their kingdom spread to the United Kingdom. In all, only 9 monarchs ruled just Scotland from 1371 until 1603. At this stage, there was a ‘Union of Crowns’ under James VI of Scotland who also became James I of England and Ireland. This was due to the death of Tudor monarch Elizabeth I who died without any children or siblings to inherit her throne. Therefore the English and Irish thrones passed to her cousin, James VI. Thus there were then 6 Stuart monarchs who held the crowns of England and Scotland as well as Ireland. The son of James I, Charles I, inherited the throne from March 1625. King Charles I King Charles was born on the 19th November 1600 to James I of England and his wife, Anne of Denmark. He became king on 27th March 1625 when his father, James I died. On the 11th May 1625, Charles did something that was considered to be outrageous at the time. He married a Catholic: Henrietta Maria. This caused great uproar amongst his people and Parliament. Parliament tried to stop him marrying a Roman Catholic in fear of Catholicism gradually seeping back into the country. Since the reign of Elizabeth, the country had been strictly Protestant. In 22 years, this was the first major sign of religious trouble. Charles, just like his father, believed strongly in the ‘Divine Rights of Kings’. The king was very stubborn about this and believed he had been appointed by God. Parliament were worried that Charles would try to extend on what his father had done by not calling Parliament for an extended period of time. To solve this problem, Parliament decided to only give him

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