How Did The Holy Roman Empire Corrupt Popes

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From the time of Otto I, the king of Germany also ruled the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire started in the tenth century when Otto I was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII. It then ended in 1806 when Francis II dissolved it. Most of the Holy Roman Emperors where under twenty five years old when they became emperor. The Emperors and popes where constantly fighting for power at this time. Popes often excommunicated the emperors and the emperors were threatening the popes and there were some anti-popes and anti-kings set up against each other. Even though a lot of the popes were very corrupt there were some popes that tried to reform the church. (B1, B2, W1, W2) During the 11th-15th century in the Holy Roman Empire there…show more content…
He was the first non-Habsburg emperor since 1438. 1745 Charles VII died and son-in-law of Charles VI, Francis I, was elected as Holy Roman Emperor. Even though Francis I was the Emperor his wife Maria Theresa ran the Holy Roman Empire. 1756 Prussia invades Saxony to Start the Seven Years’ War. The war ends in 1763 with the treaty of Hubertusburg. Son of Francis I, Joseph II, became Holy Roman Emperor in 1765 but his mother Maria Theresa still had most the power until she died in 1780 at age 63. Leopold II, brother of Joseph II, became Holy Roman Emperor after his brother’s death in 1790. In 1792 Leopold died and was succeeded by his son Francis II the last Holy Roman Emperor. In 1792 France declared war on the Holy Roman Empire Starting the War of the First Coalition. Months later a peace was signed. In 1799 France declared war again to start the War of the Second Coalition. 1801 a treaty was signed. 1804 Francis II starts an anti-French alliance with Russia, a third Coalition war started a year later. Peace was signed to end war in less than a year. A year later Francis II gave up his title as the Holy Roman Emperor and dissolves the Holy Roman Empire.
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