Why did the english kill their king in 1649?

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Why did the English kill their king in 1649? This essay is about the English killing their king. You will find out about, Charles problems with parliament, The Civil War and the roundheads and cavaliers. Charles was born 19th November 1600 at Dunfermline Palace, Fife, but got executed on 30th January 1649. He took over the throne on 11th May 1625, aged 24, after his father James I died. He ended up reigning England, Scotland and Ireland for 23 years. A portrait of King Charles Painted By Anthony Van Dyck, 1636. During Charles Reign as King of England, Ireland and Scotland from the 27th March 1625 – 30th January 1649, King Charles had many problems over money, religion and power. He also didn’t get on with parliament. They were his rivals. Below is a table with many of the problems Charles had with reigning England, Ireland and Scotland in parliaments point of view. Money Religion Power 1629 – 1640 He spends too much money on paintings and clothes, rather than spending it on our country. 1625 – 1649 He married a French Catholic, which have made rumours that they may take over this country. 1625 – 1649 Like James I, Charles believes he gets his power from God. He calls it ‘The Divine Right of King’. 1629 – 1640 He decides to rule without us, but expects us to still give him the money he needs. 1633 He makes a catholic called William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury. He hates us. 1630s Earl of Strafford rules Ireland for Charles. He is unpopular with the Irish and the Us. 1635 He starts an unpopular tax called ship tax. Anyone on the coast must pay a lot of money to help the navy. Anyone who refused went to Prison. 1633 – 1640 Laud changed the Church of England services. He reintroduced the statues, music and candles, that we hate. 1639 The Scots
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