Henry Viii Break from Rome

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The break between Henry VIII and Rome occurred due to many different reasons. Henry’s thirst for money, his need of a son and wanting more power to rule over the country forms the main three causes of this dispute. I will elaborate on these reasons and highlight the main reason for Henry’s break with Rome. Henry VIII’s desire for a son was the first reason of his break with Rome. He wanted a son to carry on his royal reign to the English throne and carry on his Tudor name. Divorcing Catherine of Aragon was what Henry required as she only gave him a daughter which was not his wishes. Catherine of Aragon had a lot of miscarriages and only had a daughter, Mary. Therefore, he wanted to marry pregnant Anne Boleyn in hope that she would give birth to a son. Henry took the pope and held him as prisoner; the pope (whilst being imprisoned) did not negotiate with him. The pope would not allow Henry to divorce Catherine because it was against the religion of England to divorce. Henry wanted an annulment for his marriage, some evidence that shows that Henry was expecting the pope to grant him the annulment because he told Catherine his plan, agreed to marry Anne after the annulment, applied to the pope for an allowance to marry Anne. All these actions shows Henry had no problem gaining the cancellation. A new religion was created by Henry VIII, called Protestant. This authorized people to divorce if they were unhappy about their marriage. This made all the pope, monks and priests very irritated and angry. Henry’s hunger for power slowly increased; he wanted to dissolve the monasteries as he felt strongly about controlling the church his way. Although Henry was king of England, he thought that the pope might have more control over the people in England. He sent his chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, to visit every religions house where he made an inventory of their lands,
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