The Causes of the English Civil War

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The cause of the English civil war The title ‘The cause of the English civil war’ means, what happened to make the civil war start. A civil war is when a country fights against itself with different beliefs. In 1625 King James died and Charles I came to the throne. James had strongly believed in the divine right of kings he had thought that monarchs got their power and the right to rule from God and that because of this they must be obeyed, the people of England were not very happy with this because it meant that the king could do whatever he wanted and claim that God had told him to. England for a long time had been told to hate Catholics and when James came from Scotland and became king he decided to marry Henrietta Maria, a Catholic, the people became unhappy because they did not know if their heir would be Protestant or Catholic. In 1625 England became involved in expensive foreign wars - with the Austrian Empire then in 1627 a war against France. This meant that Charles was very short of money and so he forced rich people to lend it to him. In 1628 Charles asked Parliament to let him raise custom duties on wines and many other goods. The MPs were not happy with the forced loans and foreign wars so they presented Charles with the Petition of Rights which was just parliament saying that Charles cannot raise custom duties without parliaments permission. In 1629 parliament asked the king for an end to forced loans and imprisonment without trial. Charles agreed. Parliament granted him an increase on custom duties, but for one year only, Charles thought this to be an attack on his freedom to rule. He dismissed parliament and went on to rule for 11 years without parliament. This period in time is known as the time of ‘personal rule’. Charles’s enemies called it the ‘11 year Tyranny’. In1633 Charles made William laud the Archbishop of Canterbury. Laud was a
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