Robert Bolt’s “a Man for All Seasons”

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Robert Bolt’s “A Man For All Seasons” A Man For All Seasons is a great movie which mainly focuses on the life of Sir Thomas More from England and the current king at the time King Henry VIII. The time period was during King Henry the VIII's period of reigning. King Henry wanted to marry his brother's widow, and eventually received a special dispensation from the Pope. After learning that his new wife Catherine whom he married was not able to have children, he started to search again for another wife. It was thought that since King Henry VIII had married his brother’s wife that he was cursed in regards to Catherine not being able to have any children. Once he found out that Catherine could not bear children, he found Anne Boleyn which he started to fall in love with more than Catherine the woman he was married to. The Catholic Church at this time period was considered to be above all rulers and their countries. King Henry the VIII was very spoiled and demanded everything he could ever ask for. He had no common courtesy, and always took advantage of everyone he came in contact with. He even took advantage of those closest to him, the people he loved. As history gives us an old adage which says something along the lines of "Complete opposites can attract"...I find this very easy to believe when it compares to analyzing the lives of these two main characters in A Man For All Seasons. The church at the time had pretty much seemed like it was going through a lot of trial and tribulations. King Henry the VIII was very much against the Pope and did not see eye to eye with him. He thought the Pope at the time of his reign was just a Bishop of Rome. King Henry the VIII wanted even the highest priest which was the Pope to be some cookie cutter molded person whom he could overcome by just using his authority and power as the King. There were
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