Assess the Reasons for the Fall of Thomas Wolsey in 1529

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Assess the reasons for the fall of Thomas Wolsey in 1529. Thomas Wolsey was Henry VIII’s chief advisor who he relied on to deal with foreign and domestic policy. He rose to power due to his ability, experience and lack of opposition. Whilst in power he had a very good relationship with Henry- David Starkey has likened it to a father-son relationship. However, Wolsey wasn’t able to maintain his power and a number of factors influenced Henry’s decision to strip Wolsey of his powers in 1529. These factors included Wolsey’s failure to achieve The King’s Great Matter, opposition from The Boleyn Faction and his failure in foreign and domestic policy. Although all of these factors contributed to Wolsey’s downfall, I believe his failure to grant Henry with a divorce was the most important factor. Historians often refer to this as the nail in Wolsey’s coffin. Henry approached government about a divorce as he claimed that his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was a sin as the Leviticus states that marrying your brother’s wife will be punished by remaining childless. Henry failed to get a divorce so Wolsey promised Henry that he would be able to get him a quick and easy divorce. However this was not the case as the divorce was granted many years later and Thomas Cromwell was the one to do so. This could have led to Wolsey’s downfall as it proved to Henry that he no longer needed Wolsey as he wasn’t able to do his job. As well as trying to claim that Henry’s marriage was a sin, he tried to persuade the pope that the previous pope was wrong to marry Henry and Catherine because Catherine and Arthur had consummated their marriage. If the pope was to admit this we would be a heretic as he would have gone against papal powers. This failure once again influenced Henry to strip Wolsey of his powers. Another approach that Wolsey tried was working with Cardinal Campeggio to
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