What Caused the English Civil War Essay

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What cause the English Civil War? In 1642 there England had a Civil War, between the King and Parliament. This war was caused by Religious, Political and Economic reasons. The war ended in 1649 where parliament won. The English Civil War (ECW) was one of the major events in the 17th Century. It set war against families; brother against brother, friend against friend. This essay will argue that while Religion and Economy were important, Political was the most important cause of the English Civil War. People would say that Religion was the most important cause of the ECW. This is because of many reasons: King Charles (1625-1649) married a French Catholic Princess (Henrietta Maria of France). This didn’t make him very popular with Parliament or the Protestants because they though he was trying to make England Catholic. People felt that she was leading him astray from his Protestant ways. The King’s wife loved the look of Catholic Churches. Charles later did is he got Archbishop Laud to decorate the churches to make them look “more Catholic”. This made people angry because many people protestant and wanted to stay so. But that’s not the only reason religion caused the civil war: King Charles believed in the divine right (It was when the king/queen believes that god put them on the throne). Charles took all the power. Because of this, Parliament didn’t want to go with his decision. Also, he made Scottish churches uses English prayer books which caused riots and England went to battle with Scotland; England came back
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