What Role Did the New Model Army Play in Directing the Political Position of Parliamentarians During the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1642-60)

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What role did the New Model Army play in directing the political position of the Parliamentarians during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1642-60)? Discuss with reference to any two documents in Chapter 3 of the Anthology. The English Civil War, in one way or another, was a response to the aftermath of the Reformation which left behind political unrest and separate religious groups with indifferences and nonconformity. The Civil War affected everyone from commoners and the up and coming rising middle classes to the ruling aristocracy and Parliament. Parliament would eventually go on to create the New Model Army in response to events that surrounded Charles I, personal rule and his marriage to a catholic Queen Henrietta Maria, the daughter of Henry IV of France. (1600-1649). (Visual Sources Book), Plate 10.1a, (p.52). (online britroyals). However, the trigger for unrest and the Civil War was brought about by the king’s demand for money through taxation. (Unit. 9, pp.18-19). Charles I, had the strong belief, that he had the divine and absolute right to rule his three kingdoms, politically and religiously as it was the divine rights of Kings. Charles I, at the age of twenty four years ascended to the throne on 27th March 1625, there gaining the right to rule his three kingdoms, the realms of England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland as a colony, all were very different countries and the memories of past wars and conflicts ran deep. Each had very different histories from each other and each kingdom favoured a different form of religion. England had a more moderate form of Protestantism, whereas Scotland had Calvinists and Ireland remained faithful to the Catholic indoctrination, whereas Northern Ireland had favoured the protestant faith, as well, as the Scottish Presbyterian faith. Each kingdom contained other strong religious minorities. In Ireland the concept of
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