Protestant Christian Views

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Protestant Christian Views of Death, Dying, and Afterlife Christianity was introduced to the Americas when it was first colonized by Europeans beginning in the 16th and 17th centuries. Even though Protestant’s sought a new life in America, what they were truly seeking to do is pursue eternal life through the following of Jesus because they were unable to freely seek this eternal life back in Europe due to the reformation and religious movements that were going on at the time. Today most Christian churches are Mainline Protestant, Evangelical, or Roman Catholic. Protestant Christianity has historically taught that everyone has only a single life on earth. After death, an eternal life awaits everyone either in Heaven or Hell. Protestants…show more content…
The emphasis on faith was based on the belief focused on individual faith in Jesus Christ as savior, with “faith” understood as personal trust rather than knowledge of facts about Jesus and salvation. In other words, God, is a Protestants’ one true leader and faith alone is what will keep you holy. In turn, for Protestants this life is a pilgrimage, a journey toward an eternal destination. That destination is an eternity spent either in heaven or in hell. Those saved enjoy some benefits here on earth during their pilgrimage. Salvation is not just an experience for the afterlife; it involves the "first fruits" of blessedness, that is, a proper relationship with God, a gradual transformation into the likeness of Christ, and the filling of the Holy Spirit.. After death, an eternal life awaits Traditionally, Protestants believe in a judgment day at the end of history. On this day all the people that have died throughout human history will be resurrected, and will possess some sort of physical body that will resemble but yet be different from the body possessed during their earthly existence. This is something I found extremely shocking, because although I am a Christian with no denomination, I never really thought about what would happen to your body other than decaying into the ground, and your spirit going to heaven or
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