Gandhi Verse Jesus Chris

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This memorable quote of Gandhi, reminds me of whom I believe as my savior, Jesus Christ. Gandhi and Jesus have a multitude of the same attributes. They both share infinite love and care for others with the realization that people do make mistakes and that is a part of life. However, they strongly believed in forgiveness and that if you are truly sorry for your wrong action(s), you will be forgiven. Gandhi and Jesus Christ were determined to make a difference in the world and proclaim their message. Both Jesus and Gandhi changed the world immensely. Even though I believe Gandhi and Jesus shared many similarities, they also have multiple differences. The largest difference between Gandhi and Jesus is that one is the Son of God, while the other is a holy person who willingly changed the world. According to Christians, Jesus Christ is known as the Savior of the world, and the Son of God. He came down from Heaven to free the people from their sins. Gandhi was a leader of India, who was an extreme activist that wanted to make the world a peaceful place to live. Because of my strong Catholic faith, I choose to follow Jesus Christ. However, this in no way means that I do not believe in everything Gandhi stood for. Ever since I was just a baby, my parents were very involved with God and I have been taught that I can turn to Jesus for anything and everything. Since I am a Christian, I do believe Jesus came down from Heaven to free us of our sins. The reason I choose to follow Jesus Christ is because I believe that he is leading me on the right path to my ultimate goal,
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