Biblical Worldview Letter To The Romans

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Biblical Worldview Antonio Robinson Liberty University Biblical Worldview A worldview is a scheme of principles that direct a person’s life and any major decision that they make. The Book of Romans was written by the Apostle Paul, which was the most influential Christian of all the ages except for the Lord, Jesus Christ. This book gives an account of how Christians should believe and act as the way they do. The letter to the Romans was his work of art that summarized numerous essential Christian beliefs. Paul states, “I must tell the good news to everyone” (Romans 1:13-15).Through the works of Paul, one can gather insights into his approaches on the natural world, human identity, human relationship, culture, and an understanding of one’s…show more content…
Paul in his concourses wrote about how fellow Christians should be portrayed. He tells us in Romans 1:18-3:20, that we are all sinners. Another idea mention by Paul was how God made a way for salvation to mankind. The Jews, at that point, was deeply interwoven with their faith, their whole individuality was bound in their belief structure whereas the Gentiles had multiple gods. Their personality was bound in the natural. However, part of Paul’s duty was to bring the good news to the Gentiles so that they could share in that spiritual likeness. “Is he the God of the Jews only? Is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also:” (Romans 3:29). Christianity is for the whole world, not just a particular class, creed or race of people. For the human identity, Paul wanted everyone to know about their salvation through Jesus Christ. The universal uniqueness, of the Jews remained and stands that they are the selected people of God, therefore, as such that they are bound to a greater standard under the law. ” By works of the law no human being will be justified in His sight” (Piper,…show more content…
Every ethos has its’ own theories and principles. Each one has a belief that their schema of beliefs is greater to others’. In biblical times, The Jewish culture looked down upon the Gentiles because they were not the chosen people of God. They felt that the Gentiles were lower than and unworthy. They were not even allowed go worship in the synagogue. The Jewish leaders refined a culture that was constructed on following the law in exact, opposite the infiltrating principles of the Gentiles was built around the idea of having a multitude of gods and goddesses. God has been taken out the equation and been replaced with covetous

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