Comparing And Contrasting Judaism, Islam And Chris

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The three great western religions---- Judaism, Islam and Christianity, share similarities and differences. Even though they have the common roots and common elements, differences emerged when these three religion grew. However, Judaism, Islam and Christianity stand out as the main religions in the world and their believes cover all over the continents, influence billions of believers in the world. Judaism, the most historical religion in all three, was founded by Abraham—the first and the greatest prophet of the God. Judaism is a monotheistic religion, which Jews only believe in one God. The Jewish holy book is Torah, was the Hebrew scripture, also was known as the oldest holy book in all three. Jews believe that they have special relationships with God. Firstly, they were given the law, the rules of diet, behavior, social intercourse etc. Secondly, they are the chosen people of God, which means they live beyond the rest of mankind. Thirdly, they are always the witness of God. However, the history of Jews is full of tears, because they found it difficult to live at peace with the rest of mankind. Christianity, the religion emerged from Judaism, is known as a new religion by that time, Jesus Christ was a Jew, but he created Christianity by adding supernumerary laws to the Jewish law based on mercy not only on justice—the forgiveness of the original sin and the promise of eternal life in paradise for Christians who are willing to be the witness of Jesus. Islam, the youngest religion in all three, was founded by Muhammad. In Islam, Muhammad is the last and the greatest prophet of the God and received revelations from the God. Muhammad agreed with some elements in Judaism and he was familiar with Christianity. He preached the messages which he believed was sent by God in Arabic countries. After all the messages were collected and written down in Koran—the Islamic
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