Paul of Tarsus

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Explain the contribution of Paul of Tarsus in the development and expression of Christianity and analyse the impact of Paul on Christianity. Paul’s original name was Saul, who took the familiar name of Paul after his conversion to Christianity. Saul was born around 10 C.E in Tarsus, modern-day Turkey. Paul was in the Jewish variant of the Second temple Judaism. Paul was one of the first delegates to oppose the elders of the church in Jerusalem, and the observance of the Mosaic Law, as long as it did not interfere with the liberty of the Gentiles. Paul believed that salvation is available to all humanity, and salvation was won by Christ’s death and resurrection and given as a pure gift, along with many other things. Paul was a missionary, working to convert gentiles and Jews to Christianity in places where it was not widely practiced. He travelled on four major journeys, spreading the message of Christ. On his journey, Paul also set up Churches with leaders in many major towns. The setting up churches helped the message of Christianity to spread quickly. The missions resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of converts to Christianity especially in the Greek-speaking world. One of Paul’s major contributions to the development of Christianity was his theology, being one of many early Christians propositioning radical philosophies among the elders of the Church. Paul’s theology included: * The Resurrection as the pivotal moment in human history * Christ is for all humanity, not only the Jew * The nature and effects of sin- life without God and Christ * Salvation was won by Christ’s death and resurrection and given as pure gift * The church as the body of Christ * Baptism and radical equality within the body of Christ The impact of Paul’s theology on Christianity is that of an enormous amount. His theology has been used as a source of
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