Pope Urban 11 Speech

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Pope Urban II Speech November 27th 1095 became an important day in history when Pope Urban II gave a speech to fellow Christians which ultimately sparked the first crusade. The purpose of this address to the public was originated from Alexios I Komnenos, the Byzantine emperor who sent the Pope to get them aid as they were being attacked by the Seljuk Turks and take back Jerusalem from Muslims. Reading the four accounts by: Fulcher of Chartres, Robert the Monk, Balderic of Dol and Guibert of Nogent, one could see that the main similarity in all versions was the reference to religion and how to serve God, “Freshly quickened by the divine correction, you must apply the strength of your righteousness to another matter which concerns you as well as God.”(Fulcher Of Chartres) Pope Urban II calls for help by referring to God and religion to persuade the public to go on this crusade so all their sins are washed away. Versions of the speech show differences, each showing the mentality of what kind of crowd this address was given to. The account by Fulcher of Chartres shows more of a religious approach where the Pope opens his speech by saying what should be the characteristics of a person to be close to God and not face his wrath, “I hoped to find you as faithful and as zealous in the service of God as I had supposed you to be.” At this point of the speech the audience does not know the purpose of this talk. Pope Urban II continues his advice to public of how to go on the right path of Christianity mentioning topics like hireling and simony. From this part of the speech one can tell that for the audience religion was a serious matter which people would go to war for. Analyzing this account it seems as the Pope knows how he can approach the public and basically persuade them into this crusade. People who would stay behind would be considered as outlaws or nor passionate
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