A Summary of Galatians Chapter One

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A Summary of Galatians Chapter One Verse 1: To the Galatians and from Paul, like an email header. Paul’s authority, like an author’s byline. Verse 2: Continuation of the “from” section of this communication. The “to” section of the letter. Verses 3 to 5: Greeting. Much longer than “Hello, how are you today?” Sums up salvation, reminding the recipients of the letter of the good news that can save them. Verses 6 to 9: The Galatians have begun listening to false teachers who “trouble them”, and Paul rebukes them for falling away from what he taught them. Paul informs them that there is only one gospel, and Paul has already given it to them. People (or angels!) who seek to subvert this message by giving another “gospel” are “accursed.” Verses 10 to 12: Paul apparently responds to accusations that he is preaching a pleasing but inaccurate gospel. He announces that the gospel he preaches comes directly from God. Verses 13 to 17: Paul repeats some of the story of his conversion, which the Galatians already knew. He mentions how he persecuted God’s church. He tells the Galatians that he was deeply committed to the Jewish faith, and zealous of their traditions. But God, who controls physical birth as well as spiritual birth, called Paul to a spiritual awakening. God provided Paul with the opportunity to accept grace, and then called him to preach and teach among the non-Jewish population. Paul says that he did not wait for human confirmation of this calling. He did not go to see the apostles, as the religious authorities of his day. He went straight to the work that God told him to do. Verses 18 to 19: Paul says that eventually he went to see Peter for a little while, and that he met James, Jesus’ brother, but he never even met any of the other apostles. Verse 20: Paul assures the Galatians that the gospel which he is

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