9.0 Miami Earthquake

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It is a fact that human suffering differs from each faith and religion. For an example, the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by a tsunami, which occurred in Japan, early March of this year had stirred many questions of faith. Some believed that this event was a punishment from God, some saw it as the coming of the apocalypse, and others thought of it as just an earthquake. There was a controversy recently about a pastor named Harold Camping who claimed that Judgment Day would take place on the 21st of May and that many people will be sent to heaven. Camping numerically calculated this date to be the day of rapture. Many Christians refused to believe this for in the Bible Jesus had stated that no one knows the day or time of when the world…show more content…
It is what it is and we just need to learn to go on with our lives. However, monotheists believe that “faith offers answers.” A Buddhist’s point of view is very straight forward and can be better summarized as “going with the flow.” A Jewish rabbi views the earthquake as “not one of endless devastation” and that “Jewish theology has focused more on what people can do to help each other.” The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has brought much attention to how Christians view such tragic events, and if it is related in any way to the coming of the apocalypse. Some Christians do consider it to be a sign that the “end of the world” is nearing but most Christians are sure that it cannot be determined through time because the Bible states so. Less than 1% of the Japanese population who reside in Japan are said to be Christians. And because of this many believe that they were punished by God. In the book of Matthew, it is said that once the word of God had been preached to the whole word, the end will come. This means that once everyone believes in God, the world will end. And as mentioned before, Thoennes believes that these natural disasters can bring people closer to God. So we can assume that God had brought this tragic event upon Japan to make God known to the Japanese
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