Racism: the Role of the Church

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Overcoming Racism: The Church Has A Role To Play Morenike Oye Liberty University Abstract “At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being” Friedrich Otto Hertz. The thought that many Christians today believe that or choose to live in denial that we have gone passed racism or that it is a problem that has been solved a long time ago, hence the need to shift focus and concentrate on more important things is an indication that racism is more of a spiritual warfare than we want to admit. This paper in its three fold objective is aimed at exposing racism as a sin, a spiritual attack on mankind, and a warfare between the devil and the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:13-15). Secondly, to analyze the understanding and role of the early churches and Christians, what was done or should have been done, how they were done and those things that were not done. Thirdly, to make a wake-up call to the new generations churches and strategize on how we can triumph in this battle. Racism is a sin that will continue to eat into the human race except the Christians rise to propagate the knowledge of what Christ has done to redeem the world and bring us together. This paper will address why the Church is the most appropriate body to do so. Overcoming Racism: The Church Has A Role To Play The fact that racism had been in existence for many centuries in almost every nation, society, and community cannot be denied. However, the efforts of many people, nations and organizations including the Church at stemming the trend are quite obvious. It is also a known fact that everyone would have witnessed, experienced, or even participated in this act one way or the other. Racism is like a wind that blows and touches everyone around. Racism is a stubborn virus operating in a vicious circle and will not be conquered

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