Protest and Reformation Dbq

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In the 16th Century, the protest and reformation caused a split in the Christian Church. There were several underlined causes for the reformation. These causes include abusive papal authority, misinterpretation of the bible, sale of indulgences, and unhappiness and rejection of papal authority in Germany. An additional document that would further illustrate the underlying causes to the reformation would be a response by the church to Luthers charge that they are perverting scripture. According to the documents 4 and 10, an underlying cause to the reformation was the sale of Indulgences. In document 4, the German Prince states," the pastors only care for nothing but sheep fleece, and they fatten on sins of the people." This shows the anger by German princes over the selling of indulgences by the catholic priests. In addition, the painting in Document 10 shows a widespread abuse of the sale of indulgences. Another underlying cause to the reformation would be the abusive Church authority. Document 2 says " Fortunate pope, who can cheat Christ with his laws! Quite true, the remedy in such case is not a council" Document 5 says" But by their own invented service of God, holiness, external spiritual exhibition, founded upon human custom s and laws, they have gone astray.." and Document 11 states," Indeed, we declare, announce and define, that it is altogether necessary to salvation for every human being to be subject to the Roman pontiff." These documents show the concern of the abusive Church authority and use different examples to prove it. The third underlying causes of the reformation is the straying from the Bible and or altering the scriptures. Document 5 states,"..the word of God, has been so dimmed and confused and paled with human ambitions and teachings that the majority who by word of mouth call themselves Christians.." Document 7

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