Mark Juergensmeyer, “Armageddon In A Toyko Subway”

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Mark Juergensmeyer, “Armageddon in A Toyko Subway” The Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway was considered the worst attack in Japan. This religious group who performed and initiated it was the Aum Shinrikyo Religious movement. Their main belief was based on Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity and Nostradamus. They provided their members with a lot of Asian traditions and beliefs such as yoga and reincarnation. Then the movement started to move towards a more destructive way or belief, a belief that only members or followers of the Aum would survive if they were at a higher state through Asahara’s teachings, but he also stated that even those who were not at a higher state were guaranteed a higher state in their reincarnation. This was his followers motivating belief to follow him, in hopes of attaining a higher level in reincarnation, then what they were currently at the time before they became a member of this religion. Asahara was the master of the religious movement Aum Shinrikyo. My thoughts of Asahara, was someone who was an underachiever, insecure, but had a psycho personality of someone who needed to be viewed as a powerful leader. Asahara proclaimed to be able to travel forward and speak with survivors of World War III. His followers believed he could predict or foresee the future, hence, him predicting World War III. He taught his followers that outsiders and outside influences could not understand their mystical religion which the outside world wanted to destroy. Followers regarded Asahara as the supreme truth, which the word “Aum” means in Japanese. Joining this religious group was not expensive all they needed to do was study the teachings of Asahara, they needed to listen to his audiotapes, watch movies of his teachings, and pay a small monetary fee to become an active member. Asahara made his followers who joined to abstain from news, the

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