Explain How the 'Miracles of Jesus' Leads to a Stronger and/or Weaker Belief in God. [8]

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The piece of media that I have been studying is ‘The Miracles of Jesus’ presented by a Muslim presenter called Rageh Omaar who works for the BBC. This documentary takes a non biased approach towards Christianity which can weaken or strengthen your beliefs in god. There are several main characters within the documentary – one of which being Jesus Christ (or also known as Jesus of Nazareth). Jesus is portrayed as being a miracle worker but at the same time I get the feeling that he seems to have doubt in himself. One of Jesus’ most significant miracles is the calming of the storm. This is so significant in my opinion because early Jews believed that only God had control of the elements but it was believed that because Jesus calmed the storm, he clearly has a connection with God. Another character from the documentary is Saint Paul. He was sent by the heads of the Jewish religion to kill all Christians but whilst doing so he witnessed a blinding vision of the risen Jesus. Therefore he converted to Christianity and preached the word of the Lord to the people of his time. As a result of this he was murdered by the Romans and therefore became a martyr and gained the title Saint Paul. I think that the fact that this documentary has given the viewers a clear image of how the characters are could affect somebody’s belief in God it gives people learning about the faith to understand these characters in more depth. Also the fact that the series is presented by a Muslim may affect someone’s belief in God because it has taken a non biased approach. This then allows us to make our own minds up and because of free will we can make our own choices meaning that we can choose if this will strengthen our belief or weaken it. Personally this has strengthened my belief in God because Rageh Omaar has supplied us with archaeological evidence and it has given several possibilities

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