Christianity vs. Judaism

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CHRISTIANITY VS. JUDAISM Christianity and Judaism are religions that are each very unique. Although they both have plenty of differences, they also have similarities. In fact they probably have more in common than some of the other major religions in the world, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Although both Christians and Jews believe God to be their creator and controller; Judaism has no founder, as opposed to Christianity whose founder was Jesus Christ. In Christianity it is believed that Jesus Christ was the savior to all humanity and was sent to Earth by his father (God) to pay for the sins of all mankind. In Judaism on the other hand, Jesus was merely a prophet. Both Christianity and Judaism were established in Israel. Christianity was founded around 30 AD in contrast to Judaism which started around 1000 BC. Although a few sacred readings and the form that followers pray are similar in both religions they are also slightly different. For example the most important text in Christianity is The Bible (that consist of The Old Testament and New Testament). Jews however, consider the TaKa’kh their “holy book” (which consist of mostly The Old Testament). When a Jewish prayer is taking place, Hebrew is spoken; when a Christian prays they do it in the language they regularly speak. Furthermore, Christians believe in heaven, hell, and purgatory, in other words, they believe that where they will go after death depends on the way they have executed life. Jews on the contrary have no religious belief in the
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