Hum 130: The Lives Of Jesus And Muhammad

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The Lives of Jesus and Muhammad Hum/130 1/9/2011 Tanya Gardner Abstract The lives of Jesus of Nazareth and the Prophet Muhammad are very significant in the Christian and Islamic faiths. The teachings and followings of these two people have greatly affected the lives of millions and continue to do so to this day. Many base their lives and their beliefs around their teachings and have for thousands of years. The stories that come from the telling of these two men’s lives will have an impact on society for many years to come. The Lives of Jesus and Muhammad In 570 C.E., the Prophet Muhammad was born. He was born in the city of Mecca. Weeks before he was born, his father died. When Muhammad was six years old his mother also…show more content…
He and his followers left for Medinah and ended up taking over political affairs there. Medinah battled with Mecca for several years until Muhammad finally gained entrance once again to Mecca. He became Mecca’s leader and eventually became the leader of most of Arabia. The prophet Muhammad died in 632 C.E. Muhammad’s teachings are still followed today. He is seen as a messenger of the God, Allah, and his birth is celebrated by those of the Islamic faith. Similar to this is Jesus and the Christian faith. Jesus’ birthday is also celebrated and his teachings are also closely followed. Jesus was born around 4 B.C.E., the exact date is unknown. He was born in the town of Bethlehem and his birth itself is said to be a miracle. His mother, Mary, was said to be a virgin. His father, Joseph was a carpenter and Jesus was believed to be one, too. Nothing else is known from the time of his birth until Jesus was 12. On a yearly trip to Jerusalem, Jesus was left behind by his parents. When they found him, he was in a deep discussion with a Rabbi about the Torah. Many people were impressed with his understanding of the Jewish culture, demonstrating his sense of purpose. Again, though, there are no recordings of his actions until about the age of…show more content…
Jesus is acknowledged by the Islamic faith as a prophet. They do not believe that Jesus was executed, but rather taken away from the situation by God, or Allah, before any harm was done. The crucifixion and resurrection are not part of their texts. Now, because of the opposing views on the two different religions, Muslims and Christians have been in disagreement for many, many years. The main disagreement being that Christians believe that all men are created equal and Muslims believe that they are the chosen ones and all others are considered infidels. The First Crusades were a result of this. Palestine and Syria were dominated by Christians due to a counter attack after Muslims began trying to spread the Muslim Religion. About two hundred years later, these two states were then destroyed by Muslims. The ways of the world have changed, and things are not quite so barbaric. People still continue to believe in the teachings of both Jesus and Muhammad. Muslims are encouraged to pray, Facing Ka’bah, five times a day. Mosques, or places of worship, are attended each week. During Ramadan, Muslims will fast and they are encouraged to try to make at least one pilgrimage to the Ka’bah, in Mecca, at least once in their life. Muslims are very adamant about spreading or expanding their religion. They believe that those that die for this cause will receive rewards for doing

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