A Christian Worldview

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Apologetics 104 Liberty University I a worldview is the basis from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. It comprises one's set of beliefs, principles and values. A philosophy, idea, doctrine, movement or religion that provides an explanation, it is how a person interprets reality and what they belief to be true. An individual’s worldview is structured throughout their lifetime and is determined by what they have seen, heard, learned, and experienced, from parents, teachers, church and peers. II 1. The question of origin- 
 Genesis 1:1 shows God creating the heavens and the earth in the beginning. He created all things, God created the world in 6 days, on day 6th he created man in his image. (Genesis 1:28)…show more content…
The Question of Meaning/Purpose- Christian’s belief that mankind were created to worship God, to glorify him, by being obedient, praying and being thankful Psalm 95:1 We are here to serve God, to have a personal relationship with him, to accept Jesus Christ in our hearts and belief that he is our Lord and Savior, to trust that he came to this world and gave hos life for us, to forgive our sins, and to allow him to love us and give us eternal life. 4. The Question of Morality- Mankind was created good, sin entered the world through Adam and Eve when they ate from the forbidden tree. God is Holy he is separated fro Evil, being created in the image of God, humans have a conscience and can distinguish good from bad. Jesus came to this world Matthew 28:19 to tell us that we are free from sin, follow him, create other disciples and reign in the glory of God for eternity. Romans 3:23 says to follow the commandments, Mark 7:20-23 says to have good thoughts not to have immoral ones. Humans have morals built in them, they need to follow Jesus Christ and represent him. 5. The Question of Destiny- Christian’s belief that after death there is eternal Salvation through Jesus Christ or eternal damnation in hell. The worldview of heaven and hell are real places. In order to go to heaven we must belief in what Jesus have done for us, allow him in our hearts, repent our sins and trust that His sacrifice was enough to set us free John…show more content…
Think about, treat, and speak to others on a daily basis? When I speak to others I speak with love, God wants us to love one another and make it our most noticeable trait, to bring glory to the Lord, when speaking to others they must get the impression that I am a follower of Christ and that I live for Him. God is happiest when we allow ourselves to Love, follow his commands and spread His word. John

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