Personal Narrative: My Christian Worldview

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CWV 101 June 28, 2014 Worldview The purpose of this paper is to introduce my worldview. My Christian worldview is going to influence or affect every area of my life. This is also going to turn into the motivating force behind every emotion, decision and actions I take. We all live differently and by this we build our own beliefs. Beliefs are not inborn; we acquire them throughout our life and experiences. God is my creator; He created the Heaven and Earth, the light to ward off darkness, good and evil. It gave us the opportunity to choose between good and evil. God created us out of love and to love, to share in His light, and His goodness. I believe that the main characteristics of God are: Love, power, justice, and wisdom. God…show more content…
The Holy Spirit leaves in me and has helped me discern what is right and wrong. God is perfect; therefore, as a Christian I strive everyday to be more like God. Evil exists because the devil, which initially was an angel of light, wanted to be above God and no one can be more than God. He created me with a purpose in life and is to develop my spiritual life, serve Him, others and follow His word. I am committed to my Christian beliefs since I based my knowledge in the Bible. (Cosgrove, 2006) The Bible is a book where you find the guidance for all humans to live in harmony with their environment. This book also gives prophetic information of events that are happening and will happen. So too are the moral rules for human rights so at the same are not violated. It is a complete book in which you can find word, by word that give you life. Here is where you find everything needed for our salvation and to live in communion with our God and our neighbor. God’s word is the only one that can change someone’s life. I have seen people, who were lost in their sins, and they were changed by the grace of God, and that changed was Holy Spirit’s…show more content…
I believe that God sent his son to die for my sins and the sins of nonbelievers. Jesus is the bridge that connects us to the Father. My Christian belief determines my actions and therefore any consequences follow. As a Christian I believe that we are to follow His commands and be an example to others. Through the course of this class my worldview has not differed but strengthened, it has made me a stronger Christian. My relationship with Christ has a denser foundation through the readings and structure of this

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