Theology of Missions

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A THEOLOGY OF MISSIONS ________________ A Paper Presented to Dr. Jeff Brawner Liberty University _____________ In partial fulfillment Of the requirements of GLST 500 __________ By Jessica A. Bode April 7, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Old Testament Examples of Missions 1-2 New Testament Examples of Missions 3-4 The Nature of God and Missions 4-5 Mission Theology Relates to Ecclesiology and Pnuematology 5-7 Key Themes of Mission Theology 8-10 Missions Relationships 11-13 Bibliography 14 Introduction “Missions” is the concept that man can work in conjunction with God to accomplish the business of rescuing and freeing others from the chains of sin. In order to understand how the theology of Mission relates to global missions it is helpful to see how missions has been encountered in other areas such as the Old and New Testament as well as other theologies such as Ecclesiology and Pneumatology. In addition to exploring how “missions” theology relates to these other aspects of theology, this paper will attempt to discuss how it relates to the missionary, church leaders and others not in the full-time ministry. Old Testament Central to what is referred to in theological circles as “Missio Dei” or Mission of God is the idea that “God is one who initiates and sustains mission.” And from the beginning pages of the Bible, it is easy to see that God had a specific purpose in mind. Through the stories, we can see how God’s mission focuses on the redemption of mankind from the effects of sin. “He has been on mission throughout history to accomplish His purpose throughout the earth. Each time we see God in the Bible, He is acting in accordance with His purpose: to reveal Himself in order that His name would be glorified, that His Kingdom would be established and that some from every people would
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