The Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible

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Running Head: The Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible The Bible was Inspired by God Robert Surface Student # L23603038 Liberty University The Bible is the authoritative source of God’s Word to two hundred and forty seven million people throughout the United States who claim to be Christians. However, to accept the Bible as authoritative we must also accept the answers to more general questions in relationship to the Bible. We will discuss in this paper the question of what it means to say that the Bible is an authority as well as where that authority originates. We will discuss inspiration and the definition of inerrancy. In detail we will discuss the relationship between inspiration and inerrancy. And then, before concluding this paper we will discuss how the answers to these questions provide structure to how we as Christians should live our lives. To a Christian who has accepted God as their personal Lord and Savior the Bible has authority. The same should not be said for someone who hasn’t made that confession. As a Christian we have accepted that the Bible contains the true Word of God written by apostles who received divine inspiration to guide the recorded works. We have accepted that the Bible contains only those works that have passed the test of canonicity. The test of canonicity along with the acceptance of the Bible being the one true Word of God provides the authority that we accept as Christians. “The Canon is the standard by which the sixty six books in the bible and their content were determined and the basis upon which they were included in Scripture.” (Towns, 2008, pg. 29) The testing of canonicity involves four basic principles. (Towns, 2008, pg. 84) o The authorship of the book by an apostle is necessary to be included in the canon.

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