Contemporary Metaphors Of The Kingdom Essay

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Running head: CONTEMPORARY METAPHORS Contemporary Metaphors of the Kingdom Pearl Mims Grand Canyon University Introduction of the New Testament History Curtis Schwisow September 20, 2009 Contemporary Metaphors of the Kingdom Today, the kingdom of God makes many people think of the afterlife or a heavenly place. Through the use of parables, Jesus taught that the kingdom of God had great value, had a humble beginning though it would grow and flourish, could spread through a person’s life, and would separate good from evil (Niswonger, 1992). While reading Tame’s article about the kingdom of God, I noticed that she had several interested metaphors for the kingdom of God that were offered by people in different contemporary…show more content…
When we are in need, it is good to know that Jesus is there with open arms to shield and protect us. Even when the enemy comes against me he is there. In many situation of my life, I had to realize that Jesus was my strong tower, not my friends, or my family, nor even money. He is the one that keep me safe and have a hedge of protection around me. His structure is stronger than anyone I know. “Jesus used illustrations from everyday experience to describe how God feels about us, and what God’s Kingdom is like” (Tame, 2005). Also through Jesus teaching he spoke in parable, to help us to look at information from a different perspective. This was a characteristic of his method. The kingdom of God captures both good and bad people. The message is given to both. They live together and are given a chance to change and grow. The kingdom does not operate according to human calculations. We do the work which God has entrusted to us, and then trust in God to bring about the result. Therefore, a mustard seed and strong tower goes hand and hand, because when life brings trial and tribulation I can speak to it and if I get weak in the mist of it, I can trust that Jesus is with

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