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Wright’s Book Review Nikki Holloway Liberty University October 6, 2014 ABSTRACT Wright, H. N. (2003). The new guide to crisis & trauma counseling. Venture,Calif: Regal Books. Dr. Wright created this material to assist counselors and ministers who are assisting clients in the need of crisis counseling. As a result the writer starts the information by concentrating on the first three chapters which Intel’s counseling from a biblical viewpoint. Wright makes it certain that he wants to display the countless responsibility that is required for pastoral care and counseling through Christ Jesus in the first section of the hardcover. In the next two chapter’s the author gives instructions for applying Biblical principles, implementing…show more content…
In many different ways, however, one way stands out the most and that is his ability to organize the information and make easy for the reader to understand the material. This information can be acknowledged by the way he prepared the information in a structured manner to assist the counselor. Another thing that is to be commended is the author’s ability to implement scriptures as a reference point to draw strength from God’s Word to support with life difficulties. One negative that has been determined in the text is the data regarding confrontation Wright emphases the counseling abilities such as empathy and he narrates these skills to actions Jesus put on a display. Wright also, narrates confrontation to articulating empathy for an individual in assisting them to make healthier choices. On the other hand, the volume misses the mark to mention the awareness of biblical rebuke and the right the right time to use this kind of confrontation. If confrontation is used too quick in the relationship it can cause damage to the counselor’s relationship with the counselee, but then again the type of confrontation necessary is also a significant concern that ought to be…show more content…
The power of the counselor is ingrained in God’s Word. This material incorporates the Christian assignment in helping those in the extreme need in a manner that was similar to Jesus. In addition, Jesus is established as a model character in helping counselors. Most counselors’ deeds are a go-between in a spiritual form where greater powers try to find ways to put an end to the work of God. This is known in a culture where more or less regularly informed about counselors who have over step guidelines with counselees in sexual and personnel relationships. All counseling material should lecture on these themes. It is needed to assist the counselor can be better

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