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Theory Critique: Comparing Adams with Backus and Chapian Danielle Richardson Liberty University Summary of Theory Backus and Chapian (2000) base their theory on misbelief. Misbelief addresses the cognitive area of feelings. Backus believes that most problems that people face are rooted in wrong thinking. Because problems are rooted in the mind the change in thinking need to take place to change the behavior of a person. Backus and Chapian (2000) discuss how the fruit of a person stems from what they believe, so if a person believes an error the actions and behavior will be based off what he believe. According to Backus misbelief is the self-talk, the stinking thinking that people have. The thoughts that people tend to dwell on and relive constantly in their mind is misbelief the concept of self-talk. Dr. Adams approach to counseling is founded on the word “of God”. Adams references scripture throughout the process of his theory but he specifically references 2 Timothy 3:14-17 pertaining to change. Adams developed four steps to help a person make the necessary changes to reach Christ-likeness. The four steps are teaching, conviction, correction, and disciplined training in righteousness. According to Adams theory change can be obtained only as people learn to reverence and fear God. He believes that people need to be taught the word “of God”, conviction can take place so the counselee can repent of his sins, be set free, and change will take place. With the theory that Adams developed God’s word is the only way to receive the truth of God, psychology is an outside source and has nothing to offer when trying to help a person to change based on truth. According to Adams changing people or sinners from the inside out is not done by education alone, but by prayer, reproof, and encouragement (p. 65). Scripture is the way to obtain quick results where true

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