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Liberty Theological Seminary Share Jesus Without Fear A Paper Submitted to Dr. Jeddy Kaleli In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Personal Evangelism EVAN 565 By Lamar Stapleton Jr. 2 September 2009 Bibliographical Entry William Fay and Linda Evan Shepherd. Sharing Jesus Without Fear. Nashville, Tennessee: Brandman & Holman Publisher, 1999. Author Information Fay, graduate from the Denver Seminary in 1987, he has shared his faith with more than twenty-five thousand peoples. Staring 1981, he has taught many churches around the world his no-argument approach to witnessing others to Christ. There are approximately 30 to 100 percent of his listeners willing to share their faith within the…show more content…
The other eighty to ninety percent have chosen the route of “sin of silence” and just not say anything. (Pg 6). Bill Fay writes in his book about there is about five questions which can be asked to see what level of faith they in the walk with God. These questions must asked to see if there heart has arrived at that 7.6 average.(Pg 30;33). Bill Fay stated the Christian believer must go out and share their faith with the non-believer through the use of the scriptures of the bible. And example was given by Bill Fay when he came across a young man that he was witnessing to concerning turn his life over to Christ, so Bill Fay referred to the scriptures and ask him to read what it said, after reading Bill ask what does it say, but the demons in the man did not want him to acknowledge the word of God. Bill asked the young man to read it many more time before the power through the scripture broke him away from the demons and into the arms of God. Through God they will be able to receive Salvation, but you must use…show more content…
Bill Fay said that there are two basic principles that will work in sharing the scriptures. The first one is by faith, which comes from “Faith comes from hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17), then the second principle would be how do you understand what you have just read (Luke 10:26). The scriptures of the bible are the profound authority of God, Bill Fay would have the non-believer to read the scriptures and ask if they understand what they have read so if they say no then he will ask them in

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