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Interpretive Journey Old Testament Essay

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  • on November 23, 2011
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The Interpretive Journey-Old Testament-Final Paper  


Session 5 Paper

        BIB-230 ON252 Adult Studies
      Dr. T. Varney
Final Course Reflection
July 16, 2011

Throughout this bible class we have given the opportunity to learn many valuable processes and concepts in order to better equip us for biblical understanding. In the past five sessions I have had a chance to see what techniques work and don’t work for me and my study of the word. We will discuss the concepts and skills that have been most meaningful to me and how I will utilize them in a meaningful way. We will also discuss the concepts and skills that I need to study and practice further. And finally, the concept or skill that I did not find particularly useful and why.
Firstly, there were several concepts and skills that I found to be most meaningful during this “Interpreting the Bible” course. The process that I feel meant the most to me and my walk was called the four steps of the “Interpretive Journey”.   This was a process of basic understanding of how to grasp what the biblical author is saying in the text.   Applying this process throughout the assignments was invaluable to my understanding as a Christian.   This process is really a journey of careful reading of biblical context and that our lives can be changed forever by the knowledge gained.   In step one, “Grasping the Text in Their Town” is about what the text means to the original audience.   It teaches you to read, observe, and examine as much of the text as possible.   One must dissect and break down the passages into small sections, look at the grammar, significant words or repetition, as well as historical and literary contexts of the passage (Grasping God’s Word p. 22). In step two “Measuring the Width of the River to Cross” shows us a look at the differences between the biblical audience and the modern reader.   The differences between then and now were culture, language, situations, time, and often...

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