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The Invisible War DONALD GREY BARNHOUSE The Invisible War : Preface The Invisible War DONALD GREY BARNHOUSE Preface Two features of the ministry of the late Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse made his witness unique: his tremendous insight into Scripture, and his remarkable ability to bring the truths he gleaned from his study to the Christian layman in such a way as to make the Bible come alive. Those who have heard Dr. Barnhouse teach, and those who have read his writings, can testify that this is true. In this series of studies on The Invisible War, Dr. Barnhouse explored a theme rarely touched upon by students of the Bible: the great conflict which exists in the spirit realm. Although almost entirely unrecognized by mankind, this warfare affects, in one way or another, the life of every person on earth and especially the life of the child of God. Dr. Barnhouse traces the vast spiritual conflict back to the period before the beginning of Time and, step-by-step, follows its unfolding to the final battle of wills at the end of Time. In these pages, questions that have long troubled thinking people concerning the trials, sufferings and difficulties of life, are clearly answered. Here also are practical suggestions for facing life's obstacles. Here are sane, sensible explanations for the continued existence of good and evil on earth in what appears to be a neverending tug of war. In a brilliant manner, the author has stretched out the panorama of Time and focused upon it the illuminating light of Eternity. It was my privilege to sit under the teaching ministry of Dr. Barnhouse for some ten years and, later, to be associated with him in his work during the closing years of his abruptly shortened life. Many of the ideas and concepts to be found in these pages came to me with real force and blessing as he gave them orally in his church and Bible classes and, later,

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