Ancient Religions Dbq

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The ancient World was filled with vast amounts of things to believe in. History shows that since the beginning of time it seems everyone has been searching for the right thing to believe. Religion has sculpted and changed the world since the beginning of humankind. There were many different belief systems that popped up in the Ancient World. Three of them were Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. These three belief systems were some of the biggest belief systems to ever be established. Each one had different beliefs on how to live and how to get to the after life. Each of these belief systems also affected the people that followed it in many different ways. The first belief system I will talk about is Christianity. This belief system is monotheistic because they believe in one God called Jesus Christ. Like documents 9,10 say they believe in one holy book called the Holy Bible (Documents 9,10). This book describes the things that Jesus Christ does and outlines the beliefs of what Christians should do. Christians believe that Humanity is saved through Gods grace and the acceptance of Christ as their savior. They believe that all sins can be forgiven by asking God to forgive you and that you are accepted in heaven once your sins are forgiven. Christianity also affected it followers in many ways. First, this religion established ten basic commandments for how to live like “you shall not kill” and “you shall not steal” (Document 1). These commandments are an example for what not to do in your life. They keep the people from doing bad things because if you do any of those commandments then it decreases your chances of reaching heaven. The Next belief system is Hinduism. This belief system started in India from Aryan invaders. Hinduism is the belief that everything in the world is part of a divine essence called brahma. There are two Deities called Vishnu, the
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