Life After Death Essay

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a) Compare and contrast two types of belief about life after death (18) Life after death is a belief or even comfort that there is something that goes beyond the death of a physical body. This normally refers to the immortality of the soul, the soul being a spiritual thing that survives death and continues into the afterlife. Death being defined as the brain activity of an individual coming to a stop. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting two beliefs of life after death from Western religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam which believe in resurrection and heaven and hell against Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Sikhism which believe in reincarnation and rebirth. Resurrection is a Western belief that comes from the Latin word 'resurrectus', meaning 'raised up again'. It means that the corpse allegedly 'rises' from the dead. It promises the post-death existence in a re-created human body which is meant to be 'perfect' which is done in either physical form or spiritual/immortal soul. It is believed that this resurrection would take place at death or at some point in the future at the end of the time on a day called Judgment Day. This day is, according to religious teachings, everyone will be resurrected and judged by God. Problems are already raised from the mentioning of resurrection through a spiritual body or physical body. This being that with resurrection through the physical body, would the soul be resurrected into the same body that had been previously lived in or would it be an entirely new physical form. This would cause problems with the loss of individual identity and raise the question of whether a person who lived a life of physical impairment, would they be resurrected in the same form? Christianity claims that evidence of afterlife specifically resurrection can be found in the New Testament in regards to the resurrection

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