Religion In The Atlantic World

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Religion in the Atlantic World Though religion played a huge role in the development in many countries, it is probably the biggest factor that helped shape the development of many countries in the Atlantic World. Religion was the main reason for colonization. People from all over Europe were leaving their countries for what was meant to be religious freedom and converting nonbelievers to Christianity. Though both of these cases were the cause of the mass movement from Europe the Atlantic World, what came of the mass movement, the bigger picture of it all, was one of the colonization of the Atlantic World. Religion was the real reason that colonization began, with out it, the colonies all over the world would not have ever came to be. The fourteenth century was when factors that would eventually lead to the start of colonization began. The followers of John Wycliffe, also known as Lollards, had pushed their ideas of religious power on the religious community: both the bible and religion had ultimate power over everything (Reformation 4). Martin Luther was one of the first men to openly go against the Lollards ideas. He believed that the Catholic church was corrupt for selling indulgences as penance for sins in that the sale was a way for the Church to exploit the unfortunate and poor (Reformation 5). The final push for the need to change was the English reformation. During King Henry VIII’s rule in the sixteenth century, the Church of England was formed. He established the church because the Pope of the Catholic Church would not grant him a divorce from his wife, Catherine of Aragon. The Anglican church had many similarities to the Catholic church: similar rituals and a bible titled the Book of Common Prayere (Reformation 9). After the Church of England was formed, many people felt the only way to obtain religious freedom was to move to a land where they would not

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